Google Partners launches in Nigeria to empower digital ad agencies

Google Partners launches in Nigeria to empower digital ad agencies

Today, Google launches its Google Partners programme in the country to further enable digital agencies and brands with online marketing tools to connect with users.

The Google Partners programme was launched globally in October 2013 with full functionality in the US, Canada, and Poland. And a worldwide rollout followed in November of the same year.

With the Google Partners programme, businesses get help with search, mobile, display, video, shopping advertising and other similar tools and mediums.

The platform offers access to digital marketing training kits, certifications, products and solutions, product examples, case studies and an online community.

Digital marketing professionals, consultants and agencies of any size are trained on best practices and tools related to Google Ads. They also get to display certification on their website to show latest product knowledge.

According to Juliet Ehimuan-Chiazor, Google Country Director,

Google Partners launches in Nigeria to empower digital ad agencies

“The introduction of Google Partners is just the the latest example of our commitment to bringing the next wave of Nigerian businesses online. As ad agencies are Google’s key partners for working with small and midsize businesses (SMBs),  the Google Partners programme will help strengthen the digital ecosystem.”

For digital marketing professionals, Juliet says being a Google Partner can accelerate customer acquisition, increase trust and reach.

“We believe very much in collaborating with agencies, we see a joint mandate to support clients through digital transformation and help businesses grow,” Juliet concludes.

To find out more about Google Partners, visit the website.

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