Kenya: Why UNGA Prices Will Not Go Up Despite Tax Hike

Kenya: Why UNGA Prices Will Not Go Up Despite Tax Hike

The Cereal Millers Association has assured that the price of maize flour will not increase despite hiked taxes announced last week.

The association on Wednesday said the shelf prices of the staple commodity will not change because millers can seek refunds for VAT they pay on fuel and do not have to pass the cost to consumers.

“After the budget, the milling industry was moved back into exempt that means we could not claim the VATs that were going to come on us. But now following the signing on Friday, we have been moved back to zero.

“So we will be able to claim back the VAT from the fuel. So it will not affect the flour prices as it stands at the moment. There will be no increase of flour prices at all,” Mohammed Ismail, the millers association chairman explained.

There were fears that the prices of maize flour will skyrocket after the signing of the Finance Bill, 2018, by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

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