Boer Goats For Sale – Tips on Buying

Boer goat

The Boer goat is a highly sought after breed renowned for its excellent meat characteristics. It was developed in South Africa and is used for meat production all over the world.

In the meat production industry the Boer goat is considered to be the best of them all and there is no other breed that can deliver these kinds of meat characteristics. However there are a few things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to buying Boer goats for sale.

One of the things that you need to understand is that although these meat goats originate from South Africa, that is not the only and perhaps not even the best place to purchase these meat goats from. This is because Australia and New Zealand have long been involved in the production of this particular breed after the initial embryos were smuggled from South Africa.

Now that you have these two countries producing large volumes of Boer goats for sale you need not look elsewhere because Australia is renowned world over for its high standards of the livestock industry.

Another thing that worries importers looking to purchase these meat goats for sale for investment purposes is their high price. There is no denying the fact that this breed is priced higher than other breeds but then after all they are also considered to be the best meat goats out there. When the Boer goat first landed in the United States the prices sky rocketed as they do with the introduction of any new breed in any species whatsoever.

Furthermore since supply was limited during the initial years, the price was raised even higher. With the passage of time however the supply of Boer goats for sale has increased rapidly. With Australia and New Zealand picking up their Boer goat production the prices have come down by a considerable margin.

Boer goat

Export and transportation of livestock in general has also become much easier and safer over long distances. This has also contributed to a reduction in prices. Today you can easily get in touch with international livestock exporters through the internet and get quotes on various orders along with legal assurance regarding the standard of the animals and their transport facilities.

The price of these goats is still relatively higher than other breeds. However it is fast approaching the price that you ordinarily have to pay for a registered Angora and other dairy goats. One important thing to keep in mind is that you should not blindly pay high prices for meat goats just because they are from the Boer breed.

On the contrary you need to be aware of the desirable qualities of this particular breed and gauge the livestock according to this information in order to find high quality Boer goats for sale.

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